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The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are Florida's Caribbean with their laid-back atmosphere and turquoise waters. Highway 1 connected 31 Islands with 43 bridges, the longest is the 7 miles along. Often you can see the leftovers from Flagglers train to Key West. The old bridges are also good for fishing or just watching the wonderful sunsets.
Sunset Bridge

Lower Keys

  • Sugarloaf Key ~ MM 18

  • Big Pine Key ~MM 30

The island with the endangered species of the Key Deers. This deers are unique to the Keys, they are very small, adults only grow 25 - 30 inches to the shoulder. For more info on the key deers please visit the web site of US Fish and Wildlife Services.

Middle Keys

  • Marathon~ MM 50

    Museum of Natural History This unique 63-acre site is home to the Museum of Natural History, Children's Museum, Adderley Town Historic Site, Marathon Wild Bird Center and an extensive nature trail system that leads through a dense tropical forest to a spectacular view of Florida Bay. Walk the nature trails to learn about Keys native plants and animals.


Upper Keys

  • Key Largo

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is the nation's first UNDERWATER park! Formed in the 1960's, Pennekamp Park represents over 100 square miles of mangrove shoreline, grass flats, and of course our famous coral reef. Adjacent to Pennekamp (and extending it's boundaries out to international waters) is the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary. Both these pristine coral reef areas are protected by law against environmental abuse, guaranteeing this beautiful resource will last for many generations.



Key Deer

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