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Attractions in Key West and the Florida Keys

Key West

  • The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory
    Take a stroll through a tropical paradise ... walk through an exotic and inviting environment filled with hundreds of the most beautiful winged creatures in nature - butterflies. During your breathtaking journey you will experience an impressive colleciton of flowreing plants, cascading waterfalls and trees that set the stage for the "flowers of the sky." Witness some 50 to 60 different species from around the world, all under a climate controlled, glass enclosed habitat.
  • Key West Lighthouse
    Built in 1847 to aid to ships navigating dangerous reefs off the lower Keys, the Key West Lighthouse now stands sentinel over one of Florida's finest historical sites. The steps are worth the view!
  • Key West Golf Club
    The Key West Golf Club invites you to a round of golf in Paradise. Key West Golf Club is the only public golf course in Key West, Florida.
  • Shipwreck Historeum
    Step back into time as you discover Key West's unique maritime heritage and how it became the richest city at the Key West Shipwreck HISTOREUM Museum. Visitors will learn about the wrecking industry in the Florida Keys through actors, films, laser technology and actual artifacts from the recently rediscovered wrecked vessel Issac Allerton



Key West Lighthouse\




Florida Keys

  • Theater of the Sea
    lots of fun, specially for the kids

  • Key Deers in Big Pine Key
    The island with the endangered species of the Key Deers. This deers are unique to the Keys, they are very small, adults only grow 25 - 30 inches to the shoulder. For more info on the key deers please visit the web site of Fish and Wildlife Services.

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